Let there be light

Have a dark room in need of some light? With this package you get 4 recessed (can) lights with dimmable led trims, controlled by a new dimmer

$ 750

Break the mold

Is your mirror foggy after even the shortest shower? Walls dripping? Mold on the ceiling? Old fan just too noisy? Let us come out and replace your existing bath fan with new quiet energy efficient Panasonic exhaust fan.


To serve and protect

Your house is full of expensive electronics, instead of putting surge suppressor power strips all over your home, let us come out and install a new whole house surge protector. This installs directly into your electric panel so it will protect everything in your home including things you can’t typically protect with a strip like, the refrigerator, sump pumps, and the furnace.


I’m your biggest fan

Does it get a little hot in your house during the summer months? Want to give your A/C a little break? We can come out and install a new fan ceiling box and a ceiling fan you supply, connected to an existing switch.


Here comes the boom

Looking for an easy way to beam some music to your stereo to get the party started? We can come out and install a new Sonos Connect to your existing stereo system giving you easy control via the outstanding Sonos app on your Phone, Tablet, or Computer